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Evergreen Nursery How Do You Pack My Plants?

Please order in full flat units; gallons may be ordered individually.

We have a package system that will fit any order.


Our pledge to you has always been to sell you top quality plants. We also pledge to you to use a shipping method that will deliver your plants as timely and as cost effective as possible. We make every effort to ensure that your plants arrive in the same top quality condition as they were in our greenhouses. However, please remember that we have no control over the manner in which the shipper handles the plants. Please call for estimates of delivery times and shipping costs. We will be more than happy to give you an estimate. When getting ready to place your order, please allow enough time for shipping from our location to yours. 

We carefully wrap each flat with newsprint or netting before packing to help protect the plants while in transit.


When your shipment arrives, if the boxes are damaged, please check the plants before you sign for their release. If there is damage to the plant material, please make record of it with the delivery service before signing the release. If necessary, contact us for advice on whether or not to reject the shipment.

Once you have accepted delivery, check to see if the plant material needs watering. For best results, immediately unpack the plants and water, if necessary. When packed with the red netting, cut the netting away before removing. Pulling the netting off may cause damage to foliage. Place them in an environment conducive to the needs of the particular plant and/or weather conditions until they are planted or placed into inventory.

If you have specific questions about how we pack and ship our products, please contact us at your convenience.