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Evergreen Nursery Growing Terms Glossary

Term Definition
Clumping non-rhizomatous, non-stoloniferous, non-spreading plants that stay in a clump
Damp/Wet Soil Tolerant plants that can tolerate damp/wet soil once established in their beds
Deep Shade Tolerant plants that can exist in low light situations
Deer Resistant plants that deer are unlikely to feed on.
Drought Tolerant plants that will hold up with little watering once established in the ground after planting.
Easy-To-Grow plants that are easily established and require very little maintenance
Filtered Sun plants that thrive in non-direct, screened, or filtered sunlight
Full Sun plants that thrive in direct sunlight
Lawn Alternative plants that can substitute for traditional grass lawns
Rhizomes underground stems growing just below surface, usually associated with fast spreading plants
Rabbit Resistant plants that rabbits tend not to feed on
Salt Tolerant plants that will tolerate salty surroundings as long as they are buffered/protected from direct contact with the sea
Showy Flowers plants that bloom with bright, colorful flowers sometime during the year
Slope Stabilizers plants that help stabilize soil and limit erosion on slopes
Sun Or Shade plants that thrive in sunny or shady areas
Some Traffic plants that tolerate limited foot traffic
Spreading plants that are usually aggressive in growth habit and generally spread by stolons or rhizomes
Stolons creeping stems which grow on the surface and make a new plant, usually associated with fast spreading plants
Variegated foliage that is diverse in colors and patterns
Zone refers to the USDA recommended planting zone for a particular plant.